Zamora, Luis

Entrevista a Luis Zamora


Reportaje realizado por Aldo Andrés Romero

Herramienta: Dos meses después del llamado “Argentinazo”, ¿cómo describirías la situación del país o, más precisamente, de las confrontaciones que están en curso?

Luis Zamora: Lo primero, es que lo que se abrió o salió a la superficie en diciembre sigue afirmándose como un hecho inédito. Inédito, porque el proceso asambleario, de debates y acción colectiva, lleva ya dos meses; y esto hay que seguir repensándolo y destacándolo.

Interview to Luis Zamora


How would you describe the situation in the country, or more precisely the confrontations that are taking place?

First, a completely new experience opened up and came to the surface in December, 2001. A new experience, because the popular assembly process, of debates and collective action that has taken place for two months, out of necessity, continues to rethink and reassert itself. The weakness of the political regime has deepened. And not only in relation to the government, as expressed in the pots and pan banging demonstrations against the Court -- but in the series of incidents in the street with politicians being repudiated, insulted and harassed. Another element is the sharpening of the internal ruptures or confrontations within the dominant class, although they have been going on for a long time, they can be seen very clearly in the last two months. But the fact or phenomenon that's most important - at the level of consciousness - or the collective subjectivity, as it's termed - is in "people's heads".

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